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Fly Tyer of the Month

Featured Fly Tyer - Howard Fischer

"When I look at the fly that I created I see a piece of art first rather than a fly. I love to tie challenging flies like this one because it takes me out of the chaos of the world around me for 20 or 30 minutes and helps me to focus on a single thing for that time."

Featured Fly Tyer - Allen Campbell

Our February featured Fly Tyer is Allen Campbell aka @amcampbell_flyfishing, a Tyer who we have found to be a really ...

Featured Fly Tyer - Matt Germino

"The fly that means the most to me is the Royal Coachman.  This fly holds a special place for me because it's the first fly I ever caught a fish on.  For this Coachman, I substituted calf tail for the wings simply out of personal preference."

Featured Fly Tyer - Rocky Phillips

We are thrilled to announce our December Fly Tyer of the month: Rocky Philips aka @rockyp41

Featured Fly Tyer - Ryan Storch

Angler’s is proud to announce our October Fly Tyer of the Month: Ryan Storch, aka @rys_flies_yyc Just in time for Hop...

Featured Fly Tyer - Dmitri Leznov

The Sherbrook fly pattern dates back 150 years, and most of today’s fly tyers wouldn’t dare tackle it. Enter Dmitri Leznov, a fly tyer from Belarus we learned about by chance. He was willing to put his passion for fly fishing and experience teaching young people to tie to the test and did a beautiful job on this fly. 

Our Inaugural Fly Tyer of the Month - Justin Aldrich

If you do not already know the name Justin Aldrich, we are honored to share this wonderful human with you. 

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