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Featured Fly Tyer - Ryan Storch

Featured Fly Tyer - Ryan Storch

Angler’s is proud to announce our October Fly Tyer of the Month: Ryan Storch, aka @rys_flies_yyc

Just in time for Hopper Season, Ryan has shared a beautiful Peccary Caddis nymph, “Aside from being buggier than a bug, they are just very fun to tie!”

We asked Ryan for a little background on how he began tying.

“Shortly after learning how to fly fish, I decided that tying would make me a more complete angler.  I started about 5 years ago and have been really serious about it for 3 1/2 or so.  If I had to pick between tying and fishing, I definitely enjoy tying these days, my life doesn’t afford me much time to get out on the water, and as a result I spend lots of time tying.”

Ryan's coffee choices match his tying habits, "like most creeks around here, the Caddis is a safe bet!"  As a rule, Ryan said he has one cup of coffee each day - that is a rule we can get behind.

We also asked Ryan to share some Conservation organizations that he is passionate about.

“I really appreciate what Ducks Unlimited does up here, having those habits truly are a vital part of our world.  As for other organizations, I support Reel Recovery, Casting for Recovery, Project Healing Waters and once the world gets back to normal, I hope to be volunteering with Heros Mending on the Fly, teaching in person tying classes.”

Here’s to a future where Ryan can share his talents in person and help lead new aspiring tyers!  Follow Ryan @rys_flies_yyc on Instagram to see more of his beautiful work!

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