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After the roasting process, a Roaster will decide if a coffee will shine best on its own or work better as an accompaniment in a blend.

Single Origin: The beans comes from one farm or one regional cooperative. These beans have a unique flavor created by their home topography, climate, seasonality, terroir, and process. If those characteristics are of especially high quality or are intriguing in some way, the Roaster may choose to showcase these beans on their own as a Single Origin offering.

Blends: A coffee blend can work to perfectly marry multiple distinct tastes. For example, the strong blueberry taste of a natural-processed Ethiopian might work as a Single Origin for some people, and for others it might be better as a gentle, complementary hint in a blend. This is true especially for chocolatey, caramel-ly, and nutty beans. 

Blends can offer consistency—month after this month and year after year. A roaster may have to combine different beans in different ways, but they can always create the one balanced flavor that their customers have come to know and look forward to waking up to.

So, are you a drinker of single origins or blends? Why not both! If single origins seem like more of a commitment to one flavor over another, try Angler’s Single Origin Box, composed of medium and medium dark roasts. This three-bag sampler is the storyteller of our catalog. These coffees take you places as you learn about the who, where, and how behind these beans’ production.

Meet Ismael Hassen Aredo, who owns and operates the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm in Ethiopia. He pays his workers above-average wages and invests in the community to provide a better source of employment than the nearby mine. Stay in Africa but travel next to Kenya for the premium Kenya AA beans, known for their complex flavor and mouthfeel. Imagine one of the world’s most diverse forest reserves when you taste our coffee from Triunfo Coffee Co-Op. The farmers plant with bird migration in mind, so that this huge cloud forest in Mexico continues to serve as an animal refuge. As long as supplies last, this box includes limited-edition Artist Series bags by artist Derek DeYoung.

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