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Seed to Cup - Coffee is a Fruit!

Seed to Cup - Coffee is a Fruit!

Coffee is a fruit!

The coffee bean that you grind and brew at home is actually the seed of a cherry - cherries that all ripen at different times on the tree and need to carefully be picked by hand in several different passes in a season. That is, specialty coffee is harvested this way. There is a lot of skill involved from getting that cherry off of the tree and the seed out of the cherry.

The processing method for how that seed comes out of the cherry can be done by a mechanical de-pulper directly after it is picked and then soaked in water before it is dried for what is called the “washed” process, or it can be hulled after the cherry has dried on the seed for what is called the “natural” process. 

Coffee is grown around the world in a very specific band, less than 25 degrees north and south of the equator, generally at high altitudes allowing for the seeds to develop rich flavors and sweetness. 

Wet Mill

Coffee is a lot like wine, although we haven’t always given it or the people who grow it the appreciation that is due. 

The flavor of the coffee you drink is affected by the microclimate where the coffee was grown, the farming methods, the roasting, storing, grinding, and brewing.

From our blog, will be sharing some information on what is called the "seed to cup" journey of coffee.

Every step of the way, your experience in the cup can be enhanced and we are excited to help you along your coffee journey. 

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