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Angler's Coffee and The Mayfly Project: Brewing a Partnership for Conservation and Healing

In the ever-expanding world of corporate collaborations, some partnerships stand out for the positive impact they br...

Angler's Coffee + Fly Fishing Shows

As we reach the half way point of what we call “Show Season” in the fly fishing industry, many people have already ma...

Conservation Alliance Partnership with the Upper Skagit Tribe working in partnership with the Skagit Watershed Council

For every First Nation Artist Series bag sold, $1 will go to the Upper Skagit Tribe working in partnership with the S...

Angler’s Coffee Releases Be Bold Blend in Support of the Wild Steelhead Coalition

Working with the Wild Steelhead Coalition as our current Conservation Alliance Partner has inspired everyone at Angle...

Angler's Coffee Releases First Nation Artist Series with the Artwork of Kevin Paul

Angler's Coffee is proud to showcase regional and national artists who share our commitment to supporting and preserv...

Conservation Alliance Partner - Wild Steelhead Coalition

Our next Conservation Alliance Partner, the Wild Steelhead Coalition, challenges us to be heroes on the water. You can’t think about the steelhead’s lifecycle and not be moved to want to help preserve their environment. 

Featured Fly Tyer - Howard Fischer

"When I look at the fly that I created I see a piece of art first rather than a fly. I love to tie challenging flies like this one because it takes me out of the chaos of the world around me for 20 or 30 minutes and helps me to focus on a single thing for that time."

Seed to Cup - Brew Methods

We are of the general opinion that you should do you when it comes to coffee, and brewing is a perfect place to display your preference. Drip, pour-over, French press, espresso, Aeropress, and steeped (yes, steeped coffee)—you should use whatever works for you and leads to the best-tasting cup for you.

Conservation Alliance Partner - Warriors on the Fly

Warriors on the Fly uses fly fishing to support combat veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI), striving to answer the question “An outing to the water is great, but what happens for the veteran after the rods are packed up and they’ve returned home?”

Featured Fly Tyer - Allen Campbell

Our February featured Fly Tyer is Allen Campbell aka @amcampbell_flyfishing, a Tyer who we have found to be a really ...

Seed to Cup - Grinding

In our last installment of Seed to Cup, we discussed coffee freshness and how to store beans to slow the staling process. That’s the perfect lead-in to discussing grinding coffee beans, because grinding is one of the biggest accelerants of staling. Remember that light and oxygen negatively affect roasted beans, and grinding exposes more surface area to those elements. 

Featured Fly Tyer - Matt Germino

"The fly that means the most to me is the Royal Coachman.  This fly holds a special place for me because it's the first fly I ever caught a fish on.  For this Coachman, I substituted calf tail for the wings simply out of personal preference."

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