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Angler's Coffee at the Fly Fishing Shows

Angler's Coffee + Fly Fishing Shows

As we reach the half way point of what we call “Show Season” in the fly fishing industry, many people have already made it to a show or two. Others yet are gearing up to make it to their first show of the year.  Our friend Howie Fischer of Fischer's Flies has put together a show recap for our community.

"Whether an expert fly angler or someone who is considering picking up a fly rod for the first time, a fly fishing show is an excellent place to head during the winter months for a multitude of reasons. Between casting demos, fly tying and fishing classes, equipment manufactures, and some of your favorite fly shops, fly shows are a phenomenal place to learn, connect, and even indulge in some killer deals!

In today’s world we can learn so much online through blogs like this or YouTube. I myself am a product of YouTube University when it comes to fly tying. However, what makes fly shows, big or small, such an underrated asset is that you can’t replace the physical with things that are virtual. Putting your hands on a fly rod and casting it with a professional coach right next to you cannot be replaced by watching a YouTube video or reading a blog post. There are several larger fly fishing shows, including The Fly Fishing Show circuit, but there is also a local fly show in almost every state in the country.

The show season has been a great experience for us at Angler’s Coffee this winter, and tasting coffee is always much better in person too. We couldn’t be more pleased with the connections we have made, people we have met, and stories we have shared. The first show that Angler’s Coffee attended was The Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival (pictured above and below). We had a great time connecting with and serving coffee to attendees, including fishing and tying masters the likes of Tom Rosenbauer, Mac Brown, John and Katie Demuth, and George Daniel. Not only did we have a great time serving coffee to new and future customers/friends, but we were equally excited to finally meet those in person who have been long time Angler’s family members.

The second show that Angler’s Coffee Attended was The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ, which is one of the largest fly fishing shows in the world. Similar to the show in Virginia, but on a much larger scale, there was much coffee drunk and many laughs had in Edison! Again, the Angler's booth was graced by Fly Fishing and Fly Tying greats like Landon Mayer, Pat Dorsey, Tim Flagler, Tim Cammisa, and many many more. Over the course of our time in Edison the team was able to learn new casting techniques, test new rods, connect with new and old friends, and one of us may have even gotten a new fish tattoo!

All in all, the show’s have been great to us and such a blast meeting in person! We still have one more left for this year, so if you’re on the East Coast, be sure to make it out to The Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster, PA on March 4th and 5th for some amazing coffee, or just to say hi!"

-Howie Fischer

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