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Our Inaugural Fly Tyer of the Month - Justin Aldrich

Our Inaugural Fly Tyer of the Month - Justin Aldrich

We are deeply saddened by the news of Justin Aldrich's passing.    

We cherish the conversations and encounters we had with Justin, and we are honored that Justin welcomed us in and shared his joy of Fly Fishing, family, and community.  

Below is our post featuring Justin as our Inaugural Fly Tyer of the Month.  We are grateful for all that he shared.

~Angler's Coffee


If you do not already know the name Justin Aldrich, we are honored to share this wonderful human with you.  Justin's positive attitude and outlook have given us all hope and kept our hearts full.  

When we asked Justin what his favorite fly was, he shared his Gold Slaughter Stone, and we can see why.  His artistry is a beauty to behold.

"Here are my Double Stoned Slaughter Stones. They come in 'Standard Slaughter Stones' on a 3x Streamer hook and in 'Euro Slaughter Stones' on a Jig hook. Both come with Double Tungsten beads. " - Justin

Gold Slaughter Stones by Justin Aldrich

We hope you will join the Fly Fishing Community and visit the GoFundMe page for Justin and his family, and visit his Instagram account to marvel at his work as we have.

All of our love is going out to you, Justin!  #AllForAldrich

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