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Wet Fly Swing Podcast with Joe

Wet Fly Swing Podcast with Joe

Angler’s Coffee founder Joe Monaghan sat down with Dave Stewart of the Wet Fly Swing Podcast to talk about how Angler's began.

Joe shares that after retiring from the Ferrari of espresso machine companies - 
"I had always kind of toyed with the idea of taking great coffee to the fishing community - it had been on my mind for a long time, and I finally decided to do it.
Coffee is extremely personal for taste; there's a whole spectrum of flavor profiles.  Coffee beans are sourced from all over the globe, +/- 20 degrees north or south from the equator, and is typically grown in higher elevations, so coffee beans themselves also have an extremely diverse flavor profile... every roaster will try to meet their client's taste preferences.  
As a result of getting to know coffee all these years, I had a really good feel for how to put a spectrum of coffees together - we have something for everyone.  If somebody likes it, mission accomplished."
We love what Dave does on Wet Fly Fishing, and hope you'll love listening to Joe tell our story!
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