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The AeroPress Go Riverside Brewer

The AeroPress Go Riverside Brewer

The AeroPress Go Riverside Brewer

We love this brewer because it packs everything you need to brew a delicious cup of coffee in its own travel cup.  Bring your Angler’s Travel Tumbler full of hot water, some finely ground Angler’s coffee, and you can have a delicious riverside cup in no time!  Bonus: it is self-cleaning.


The AeroPress was invented by Alan Adler.  He was looking for a way to quickly brew one delicious cup of coffee at a time.  You may have heard of the Aerobie Flying Ring from 1984 - yeah, he invented that too.  35 prototypes later, he made the AeroPress we know today.  The AeroPress has an enthusiastic culture surrounding it, including the wild annual World Aeropress Competition and a full on documentary film.

What is it?

It is a tube within a tube.  Not unlike that fly rod tube you may have slung on your back.  The inner tube creates an airtight chamber that can speed up the brewing process.  After 1 to 2 minutes you gently push the water through a paper filter, into your cup, and voila!  


Thanks to the World AeroPress competition, there are endless ways to experiment and get creative with this little brewer.  Here is our no-fail Angler’s Coffee recipe to get you started:

  1. One scoop of finely ground delicious Angler's Coffee 
  2. Hot water filled to just above the “3” on the AeroPress
  3. Insert the plunger tube to the top of the chamber
  4. Let steep for 2 minutes
  5. Give the entire brewer a swirl
  6. Gently press the plunger all the way down

What else should you know?

Interested in espresso? You can make a manually-pulled espresso with a Prismo Aeropress attachment. It takes a lot more arm-powered pressure to push, but the result is a pretty impressive shot of your favorite coffee.
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