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Bassheads Pack (MiiR Bassheads Traveler, Bassheads Smallmouth, Largemouth; 12oz, Single Serve Medium Roast Coffee Pouch (10))

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Which grind should I choose?

Whole Bean: The most versatile option, allowing for personalized grind size and ultimate freshness.

Drip: Pre-ground to a medium consistency, ideal for drip machines and pour overs.

French Press: Coarsely pre-ground for the perfect extraction in French Press brewers.

AeroPress: Finely pre-ground, well-suited for AeroPress brewers and reusable Keurig pods.

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There are few freshwater fish that pack a punch quite like Bass. Their aggressive feeding habits and unpredictability have anglers around the country looking to target them whenever possible. The same should be true for coffee! We've created blends that are designed to get anglers just as excited about that first sip as they are for that first fish. It's new, it's unique, and it's made by anglers for anglers.  The Bassheads pack is the perfect bass fishing gift for the angler in your life - or yourself! 

Bassheads Pack features...

Basshead's Smallmouth Blend (1 x 12oz Bag)
The vibrant Basshead's Smallmouth Blend is a fruit-forward organic medium roast from Africa & Central America with tasting notes of coffee cherries and sugarcane sweetness.  

Basshead's Largemouth Blend (1 x 12oz Bag)
The earthy Basshead's Largemouth Blend is an organic dark roast of coffees blended from Central America, South America, and Africa with tasting notes of black currant and dark chocolate

Bassheads Single Serve Medium Roast- Fresh Brew Coffee Pouch (1 x 10-Pack) 
With the Bassheads Single Serve, you 
can take and enjoy Angler's Coffee with you anywhere - just add water!  This isn't instant coffee - this is a Single Serving of carefully medium roasted, freshly ground and nitro-sealed Coffee.  Smooth drinking with flavor notes of chocolate covered almonds and cacao.  

MiiR Bassheads Traveler (1 Traveler)
Bring your coffee with you, right to the water.  Fill this leak free 16 oz travel tumbler with your favorite brew and pack it in for your next adventure.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Derik Hudson
Love it!!

Smooth Flavor with no bitter taste! Love the packaging with the fresh seal tabs. Great customer service as we lost our package to wild dogs & Anglers Coffee reshipped our order. Can’t beat that.

BASSHEADS COFFEE; Just what I've been craving for!

Both the medium roast and the dark roast are amazing. I'm a real fan of the dark though which manages to be very round-roasty forward with some chocolate notes without the char or smoke. And the Bassheads tumbler - don't get me started. I poured a cup, went outside to shovel the snow, went to the feed store to pick up some rock salt, and when I returned some three hours later my coffee was still so piping hot I almost burned myself! Both are an out-of-the-park! WINNER! WINNER!

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