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The Angler’s team are veterans of the coffee industry who call the Pacific Northwest home.  For more than forty years we’ve been on the leading edge of coffee, including developing some of the most advanced coffee and espresso making technology in the world. Coffee is who we are...when we aren't fly fishing. 


It’s our honor really. We love knowing our coffee is fueling another's day on the river! Angler’s bold roasts invigorate, honing the senses and just might put you on an even playing field with the fish!  

About the Founder

For Angler’s Coffee founder and CEO Joe Monaghan, life has always been about seeking perfection—but not because he expects to reach it. Rather, the joy is in the journey toward it. And that makes both fly fishing and coffee his perfect passions.

Forty years ago, Monaghan was a teenager spending his summers helping friends with their ice cream shop on Whidbey Island, Washington. At the time, few people in the United States had seen a coffee roaster, but the Wet Whisker had one. The shop eventually moved south and, focusing on its roasting, became Seattle’s Best Coffee. Monaghan used what he learned there to begin a decades-long career in coffee, including helping to bring stateside the brand many Americans now associate with coffeehouse espresso machines: La Marzocco. 

This depth and breadth of his work, Monaghan says, “allows me to be deeply entrenched in the coffee business at so many different levels with all the best people in the industry. And also, I have never lost my love for coffee.”   

He’s also never strayed far from his roots, no matter how far afield business has taken him. In 2018, Monaghan came full circle to “retire” with his family atop Whidbey Island, Washington. And one of the first things he did upon moving there was to install a commercial coffee roastery. 

There, he is one cup of hot coffee away from one of his favorite fishing spots in the world, a beautiful little lake full of nice, big trout. When he wants a change of pace from that, he heads to the beach and fishes the salt water of the Pacific Ocean.

Monaghan’s ties to fly fishing start in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Every summer, his dad would take him fishing there. Decades later, at the height of Monaghan’s coffee business, he was fly fishing all over the world—and his tech might have modernized just a bit over his dad’s unfailing bamboo rod.

Coffee and fishing began to merge in Monaghan’s mind. “I would find myself thinking about fishing when I was in business—and thinking business when I was fishing,” he said. Both are an endless pursuit of perfection through art and science. With subtle changes, both the master roaster and the expert fly fisher can experience unimaginable success or devastating disaster.

But at the beginning of the day, for Monaghan, both coffee and fly fishing start with possibility: the possibility of the better cup and tight lines.

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