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Roaster's Choice

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Which grind should I choose?

Whole Bean: The most versatile option, allowing for personalized grind size and ultimate freshness.

Drip: Pre-ground to a medium consistency, ideal for drip machines and pour overs.

French Press: Coarsely pre-ground for the perfect extraction in French Press brewers.

AeroPress: Finely pre-ground, well-suited for AeroPress brewers and reusable Keurig pods.

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With Roaster's Choice, receive a 12oz bag of Angler's Coffee selected by our team each month.

At Angler's, we have a true spectrum of flavor profiles; there is something for every taste.  Enjoy a sampling of what Angler's has to offer with a new coffee highlighted monthly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dylan Taillie
Fresh, delicious, makes me fish better

I get amped each month receiving my freshly roasted whole bean coffee. From making an afternoon pick me up espresso, to making boatside french press, I stay covered with the monthly order. Also the many different flavors keep me on my toes and often give me some angling goals: catch a largemouth this month for the basshead roast, catch a fish on a royal coatchmen after enjoying a cup of the coachmens blend on the shore. It's a great feeling.

Jordan James
Best river side coffee you can get

I was always looking for a quick and easy solution to get some hot coffee on the river, the hopper dropper did that for me allows me to pack a jet boil some water and you got coffee any where you’d like if you haven’t given them a try I highly recommend it!

Travis Hines

Very smooth!

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