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Dark Roast Sampler Pack (Woolly's, Brown Trout, Bassheads Largemouth; 12oz)

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Which grind should I choose?

Whole Bean: The most versatile option, allowing for personalized grind size and ultimate freshness.

Drip: Pre-ground to a medium consistency, ideal for drip machines and pour overs.

French Press: Coarsely pre-ground for the perfect extraction in French Press brewers.

AeroPress: Finely pre-ground, well-suited for AeroPress brewers and reusable Keurig pods.

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Sample three of our favorite Dark Roast offerings to find your favorite! Comes with complimentary nippers! 

Woolly's Blend - (1 x 12oz Bag)

Dark Chocolate, Bold, Syrupy-Sweet

Possibly the most popular and famous fly of all time, the Woolly Bugger is widely known as a “must have” in any fly box. The equally popular and versatile Woolly’s Blend is our best seller, featuring dark roasted coffees from Central and South America as well as Kenya.

Brown Trout Blend - (1 x 12oz Bag)

Bakers Chocolate, Smokey, Bold

Brown Trout Blend is a bold dark roast that echoes the elusive brown trout's spirit. Dive into rich dark chocolate notes, boldly intertwined with a subtle smokiness, mirroring the trout's rugged habitat and the deep waters it calls home. This compact, indulgent blend is a bold adventure, encapsulating the essence of the brown trout's mysterious allure.

Bassheads Largemouth - (1 x 12oz Bag)

Dark Chocolate, Earthy, Black Currant

There are few freshwater fish that pack a punch quite like Bass. Their aggressive feeding habits and unpredictability have anglers around the country looking to target them whenever possible. The same should be true for coffee! We've created blends that are designed to get anglers just as excited about that first sip as they are for that first fish. It's new, it's unique, and it's made by anglers for anglers.  Bassheads is the perfect bass fishing gift for the angler in your life! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jacob Pool
Great coffee!

Smells great when I open the package, tastes even better when I brew it in a cup!!

Steve Wangler Jr
Dark roast sampler pack

This coffee is very delicious.we will definitely be recommending and setting up a subscription.

Steven Cochran

Dark Roast Sampler Pack (Woolly's, Brown Trout, Bassheads Largemouth; 12oz)

Chris R.
Great Coffee! You Should Buy Some!

I love this coffee. Delicious. Highly recommended. Don’t wait. Buy some now!

Mueller Jeff
Best ever……highly recommend

If you want the best coffee on the planet, give Anglers a try. No bitterness….just a good cup to enjoy on the drive to the mountain and on the stream.

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