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The inspirational company that is MiiR

The inspirational company that is MiiR

As a maker of reusable food and drink containers, MiiR understands that they operate at the point of intersection of three elements: “water, earth, and the relationship people have with both.” The company turns that knowledge into action with every sale, funding projects that are “focused on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities.”

As a coffee company, Angler’s sits right there beside MiiR, reliant on—and wanting to do right by—our environment, including our water supply, and the individuals most affected by that. When we opened our online shop, we were interested in complementing our beans with MiiR products because their work is of such high quality, in both style and function. But it was their philanthropic commitment that sealed our interest in selling their products.

“What would people say about me at my funeral?”

A lot of people say they want to lead a meaningful life, but as Bryan Papé lay critically injured in the snow immediately after a ski accident, one of his first thoughts was about that very matter—and in his case, if he lived, he knew he would have to face the answer. After an accident like that, he could not ignore the importance of living well.

To Papé, that meant putting his entrepreneurial spirit toward a “generosity-driven” purpose. His Seattle-based company MiiR, which he founded in 2010 with his wife, Rebecca, four years after his life-changing accident, makes stainless-steel coffee, bar, and food ware and accessories. More than that, they strive to make positive change in the world. MiiR is a certified B Corp as well holding a Climate Neutral certification; they’re also a member of 1% for the Planet. 

Their Product to Project® business model means every single item they sell, from bottle to straw, helps fund philanthropic projects. And they prove it with every item. Consumers can register the Give Code™ found on their MiiR product to learn how their purchase helped support clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities—and most importantly, how it empowered the lives of some of the 115,000 (and counting) people affected directly by MiiR’s donations.

By the end of 2020, MiiR, along with their customers, had given $1.56 million to organizations around the world. During that pandemic year, MiiR continued this important work by giving big to four organizations as well as debuting their Small Business Support campaign. 

Quality beans, quality storage, a quality cup of joe

Angler's has a great lineup of MiiR Products on our site, from our Excursion Travel Tumbler and Camp Mug to our Air-Lock Coffee Canister; quality products that help you do good in the world. 


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