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Seed to Cup - Keep it Fresh

Seed to Cup - Keep it Fresh

No matter how a coffee is processed or roasted and regardless of whether it is single origin or a blend, once it is roasted, all coffee is extremely perishable. Beans reach their peak flavor only about two to three days after roasting. That peak is steep; beans start to degrade in quality almost immediately after. 

But fear not, there are a few key steps that Angler's takes to ensure you get to enjoy the coffee at its peak and one simple way for you to keep the coffee fresh and delicious once you get it home.

Quality Packaging

We package our beans immediately after we roast them. The bags are sealed tight against air and light—two of coffee’s biggest needs during growing but its biggest enemies once it’s ready to drink. A one-way valve in each bag allows the coffee to “off-gas” for two to three days without letting oxygen in. Once it has finished releasing the natural gases that roasting produces, the coffee is in an airtight, light-resistant bag.

Fast Shipping

Left unopened in that bag, the coffee can stay fresh for about three months. Angler’s ships all our coffee one or two days after roasting, so you can trust that if you want to open the bag right away, the coffee will be at its peak point, or if you want to hold on to the beans for later, you have the full time on your side.  

Smart Storage

Once you open our bag, the clock starts. Slow the ticking down by tightly resealing the bag and placing it in an air tight coffee container. We work with Miir, a company whose philanthropic mission matches its product quality. Each Miir Air-lock Coffee Canister holds one 12 oz bag, has an interior accordion-style seal that compresses out oxygen, and an easy-grip twist lid that completes the closure.

The container is so good-looking that it can live on your counter, but it’s also compact enough for a cupboard or even the freezer. Yes, freezing coffee is a good option for making your open coffee last longer than a couple of weeks; just leave the beans whole and only remove and grind the ones you need for each brew.

We offer low-hassle, multi-option subscriptions. Sign up for one, never run out of coffee, and never worry about the coffee going stale! 

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