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Tailwater Pack (MiiR Excursion Tumbler, Sherbrook's, Woolly's; 12oz)

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Which grind should I choose?

Whole Bean: The most versatile option, allowing for personalized grind size and ultimate freshness.

Drip: Pre-ground to a medium consistency, ideal for drip machines and pour overs.

French Press: Coarsely pre-ground for the perfect extraction in French Press brewers.

AeroPress: Finely pre-ground, well-suited for AeroPress brewers and reusable Keurig pods.

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Set your favorite Angler up right with our beautiful Excursion Travel Tumbler paired with two delicious Angler's Coffee selections.

Tailwater Gift Pack features...

Sherbrook's Blend (1 x 12oz Bag)
Exotic and colorful The Sherbrook is a modern take on classic Atlantic Salmon Flies, that have European origins dating back to the Victorian golden age of fly tying. Equally complex, our medium roasted Sherbook’s Blend features rare and limited beans from Central and South America.

Woolly's Blend (1 x 12oz Bag)
Possibly the most popular and famous fly of all time, the Woolly Bugger is widely known as a “must have” in any fly box. The equally popular and versatile Woolly’s Blend is a best seller, featuring dark roasted coffees from Central and South America.

MiiR Excursion Travel Tumbler (1 Tumbler)
Bring your coffee with you, right to the water.  Fill this leak free 16 oz travel tumbler with your favorite brew and pack it in for your next adventure.

Customer Reviews

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Jim Morgan

Like the mug and coffee

Jason Letherman
Great Coffee

We really enjoyed the Muddlers Blend. It makes it the best part of the weekend. I have never looked forward to coffee before trying this.
Give it a try!

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