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First Nation Artist Series - Dark Roast

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Angler's Coffee is proud to showcase regional and national artists who share our commitment to supporting and preserving our native fish species and their habitats with our range of Artist Series Coffees.

These special coffees are selected by our founder for their unique qualities, limited availability, and interesting stories.

Our First Nation Artist Series Coffees feature the art of renowned First Nation carver and artist Kevin Paul of the Swinomish Tribe in coastal Washington State. In their native language Lushootseed, “Swinomish” means “Salmon People.”    

Kevin Paul was born in 1960 in the Swinomish Indian Nation on Puget Sound in LaConner, Washington. Kevin, a respected tribal elder, is a master artist of contemporary and traditional First Nation carvings and paintings and as “the keeper of the drum” he advocates for passing on his Swinomish legacy. Kevin has taught Northwest Wood Carving in the La Conner Schools since 1994, passing down this important art-form to countless generations of First Nations children. Read more about Kevin Paul and our partnership here.

For every bag sold, $1 will go to the Upper Skagit Tribe via the Skagit Watershed Council, an organization working communally to restore salmon and trout to the Skagit and Samish Rivers.

The Coffee: Organic Guatemala ASOBAGRI

ASOBAGRI is women owned and operated for over 20 years. An additional premium is paid for this coffee through a partnership with the Café Femenino Foundation. At the end of each harvest the Co-op members vote on how to use this additional revenue. Here are a few things they focus on:
• Promote literacy. Approximately 100 students from four communities participate in reading and writing workshops.
• Diversify crops and income. A recent apiculture project has yielded honey that is now sold in local markets. In order to develop alternative sources of income, cooperative members have begun intercrop- ping banana and citrus trees with coffee plants.
• Support sustainable agriculture. ASOBAGRI trains agricultural pro-motors, who teach farmers about organic production methods, such as creating compost from coffee cherry waste.
• Invest in quality control. A new warehouse was recently constructed for coffee storage. The cooperative educates farmers on milling, drying, and sorting according to quality guidelines.
• Support healthcare. ASOBAGRI has created a healthcare program that assists member families in covering emergency medical costs.

Roast Level: Dark

Region: Guatemala.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, & Sweet Citrus

Certification: Organic

Customer Reviews

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Davis Alexander
Excellent Home Grown PNW Coffee

Couldn’t be happier with the results. Instant deliciousness everywhere I go on the road.

Pete Ziehler

First Nation Artist Series - Dark Roast

Simeon Myers
Amazing artwork… premium roast!!

As an avid angler, I love keeping my passion in front of me always… Angler’s Coffee is such a good way to do this while enjoying amazing coffee.

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