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The Mayfly Project + Angler's Coffee Collab

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The Mayfly Project + Angler's Coffee Collab is a coffee partnership close to our hearts.  This collaboration speaks to our mission to support and contribute to organizations who aid in positively impacting fly fishing and the environment through conservation, education, and advocacy. 

The Mayfly Project supports children in foster care through fly fishing and introduces them to their local water ecosystems, with a hope that connecting them to a rewarding hobby will provide an opportunity for foster children to have fun, build confidence, and develop a meaningful connection with the outdoors.

Our friends at Got Fishing recently sat down for an interview with Kaitlin and Jess of The Mayfly Project, and we highly recommend the listen/watch to learn more about this inspiring organization.

For every bag of The Mayfly Project + Angler's Coffee Collab sold, Angler's Coffee will donate $4.50 to The Mayfly Project.  This is a limited edition coffee and we are excited to raise as much money as we can for this organization that is near and dear to the hearts of the Fly Fishing Community.

The Coffee: Colombia Excelso 

Colombia Excelso comes from small family-owned farms in the Colombian “coffee triangle.” The main harvest is between October and January, and the “mitaca” harvest is between April and June. Small coffee producers pick and process their coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee, typically on elevated tables inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain.

Roast Level: Medium 

Region: Colombia

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Caramel

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A great coffee and a great cause!

Coffee has excellent flavor and texture. Even better that proceeds go to support the next generation.

Great coffee. Great cause

Not only is Mayfly a great cause, but Anglers did a great job with this blend. Solid coffee for sure.

Jeffrey Norman

The Mayfly Project + Angler's Coffee Collab

Jim Gilford
Great coffee and a great cause

I really liked this coffee. I'm definitely a medium blend guy and this coffee delivered as advertised. It is my favorite along with the caddis blend. But to go a step further, a portion of the sale of each bag of this coffee goes toward mentoring foster kids through fly fishing. What a great idea and a wonderful way to help.

Matt Gray
Tasty coffee

We like this coffee better than the supermarket stuff we've been buying, and we feel good about supporting Mayfly Project!

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