Kenya AA
Kenya AA
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Kenya AA

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Angler’s single origin coffees are really special! These coffees come from a single producer, crop, or country and unlike blends, they offer a unique window into their place of origin revealing a full range of unique and flavorful characteristics. 
Kenya AA coffee is renowned for its complexity. ­It has a rich, floral aroma and a lightly tart structure reminiscent of raspberries and sweet alyssum. The mouthfeel is satiny and plush with a wine-like finish.

The "AA" grade designates that these are exclusively the largest, densest and most well-shaped beans naturally containing the highest concentrations of the aromatic oils so integral to the coffee-drinking experience. 

And like all good things its only available at certain times of the year so don’t delay - supplies are limited, demand is high and you won’t want to wait till next year to experience this truly amazing coffee! 
Roast Level: Medium 
Region: Africa 
Tasting Notes: Crisp sweetness, delicate florals, rich finish
Brewing Methods: Drip, Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew

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